The objectives of the trust are:

To Advance the Christian religion by the teachings of evangelism.

So to best promote and facilitate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Trust rents property in Cheriton, Folkestone, Kent, which is used to serve the trusts objectives.

Kingdom Revival is part of MB Ministries and serves the community in Hawkinge, Folkestone, Kent.

Michael Bryant is the founder of the charity and has a heart to see the gospel make an impact on the world with signs and wonders following the preaching of the word as recorded in biblical times.

He believes in setting the heart of the believer aflame with revival fire and creating a hunger to know the Saviour in such a passionate way, that observers will see the Glory of Christ on them and in them (Isaiah 60:1).

That the love of Jesus will be seen, felt and experienced with a demonstration of revival fire and passion that improves and changes lives!

Michael has already seen 2 moves of the Spirit. These moves ignited such a flame of passion in the hearts of believers that it caused many to return night after night to experience a deeper encounter with the Lord Jesus.

Michael and his team are also believing and persisting in prayer right now to see revival poured out in the areas to which the Lord has called them.

MB Ministries is a charitable trust registered with the charity commissioners 16th February 2000.